my room quarantine ended last Friday and I went biking yesterday. Along the route I found this map:

If u kno me, u kno I love parks and walking. I prefer them over hikes lol. It might be ambitious but I think I’d like to visit all of them before i leave! like, what the fuck is campbell park lol. I think it’s possible tho! i think im gonna hit some up by myself, but also lets hit up some rly interesting ones this summer!

ALSO, i really really miss takeout food lol. like, i eat chinese food at home n stuff but i miss my pan azn food court meals. when this is all over, in celebrating of beating covid 19’s ass, I rly wanna do a metro van Asian mall tour, so ima start up the family mini van and definitely organize something soon. Coming soon!!!!!: KILLZ FOODSPOTS TOUR

also maybe a final dimsum disposable tribute or something

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