unskilled labour

unskilled labour

i wish i were making it up but i've unfortunately met people who treat service workers like shit

16 – Newspaper Delivery

17 – Dairy Queen

18 – Construction (some of you mofos in yaletown live in the building I helped w, and also exploited at PNE), Food Concession (at the PNE), Retail (Urban Planet)

19 – Afterschool Childcare, summer youth program

21 – Afterschool Programs

22 – Campus safewalk program

23 – Pizza Delivery, Restaurant busser/server

23 – Call centre

Thank you to all the unrecognized labour in our society. The ones who truly matter. Caretakers, Garbage disposal, sanitation, janitors, grocery store workers, transportation, call centre, retail, delivery, truckers, mail, health, education, etc.

The fact is, there is no job out there couldn’t be done by us or learned on the job, but the only thing separating us is the barrier of entry for your bullshit “consultant” role.

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